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Criminal & Traffic

Pender & Coward criminal and traffic defense attorneys represent individuals charged with traffic matters including speeding, reckless driving, accidents, driving under the influence (DUI), and driving with a suspended license. Our attorneys appear in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts, General District Courts, and Circuit Courts throughout Hampton Roads.

Our criminal defense attorneys represent and guide clients through the criminal court system, appearing on behalf of the client throughout the investigative and the adjudicative stages. The investigative stage usually involves assisting the client in interaction with the police and other investigative bodies. The adjudicative stage includes bond hearings, arraignments, preliminary hearings, bench trials, jury trials and sentencing hearings. We advise clients to ensure they understand all the procedures and applicable law.

Criminal and traffic lawyers at Pender & Coward provide the experience and ability to navigate this complicated and often intimidating area of law in which our clients face the possibility of losing freedom and civil rights. We understand the concerns and anxieties of individuals charged with a crime or serious traffic violation. Our skilled and experienced attorneys strive to provide clients the best defense available in every case.